The cheapest ways to lose weight

cheapest ways to lose weight

Do you have a desire to lose extra pounds? It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to achieve this goal. If you want to lose weight to look better or improve your health, use simple and affordable ways. Soon you will notice the result.

Slimming during sleep

Production of a hormone, which helps to accelerate metabolism and burn fat, increases during sleep. Even without any effort, you lose weight during night sleep. This does not happen if to sleep during the day. Therefore, those, who work in the night shift and sleep during the day, inevitably gain weight.

A person should sleep at least 7 hours a day. However, besides this, sleep should be deep – an important factor. There are different phases of sleep, but changes in the body occur only during deep sleep. At this point, metabolism accelerates. It also affects the ability to control appetite. Therefore, choosing a method and diet for weight loss, pay attention to a good sleep.

Although this statement sounds incredibly, but probably, you noticed that an increased appetite and craving for sweets appear after a sleepless night. A good sleep is as important for weight loss, as a proper diet and exercise.

Slimming during sleep

Weight loss tips during sleep:

  • If you cannot fall asleep for 5 minutes, you should get up and go back to bed only when you feel you want to sleep. If you cannot fall asleep again for 5 minutes, you must get out of bed again. This should be done until you fall asleep.
  • Accustom your body to fall asleep at the same time. Do not go to bed until you really want to sleep.
  • Do not sleep during the day and limit the time spent in bed if you are not sleeping.
  • Do not exercise at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Avoid large food intake before going to bed, but do not go to bed hungry.
  • Avoid using caffeine, including for breakfast, since its effect lasts for 24 hours.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Although alcohol drinks cause drowsiness, they are a frequent cause of night awakening.
  • Take care that night sleep passes in optimal conditions for this: without noise, in a darkened room at a temperature of 20 degrees.

Culinary secrets for weight loss

Do not starve. Thus, it will be easier to overcome unreasonable snacks. Give up fried foods and get used to cook healthy food: steamed, grilled, and baked.

Spend time to plan lunches and dinners. Make a list of the necessary products.

Do not use high-fat sauces for your dishes. It is better to add greens and seasonings to them, as well as lemon.

Take care of decoration of your dishes. Simple carrot, but beautifully served can be a great garnish.

non-stick frying pans

If a recipe requires oil, add it at the end of browning. Some vegetables: eggplants, mushrooms, zucchini or bell peppers can absorb a lot of oil from a frying pan. Therefore, first cook them without oil, for example, in a steamer, and only then fry using a small amount of oil.

Use non-stick saucepan and frying pans. Then there is no need to use extra oil so that food does not stick to the bottom.

In order not to cook very often, you can store the cooked dishes in the freezer.

Reduce consumption of meat and dairy products. They have a lot of unhealthy fats and sugars.

Drink green tea without sugar. You add 500 calories to your diet even consuming coffee with milk.

Use vinegar in your diet. It has fat burning effect.

Home treatments

Some tricks for weight loss are very common. Fasting is the most convenient way, but has drawbacks. Due to lack of nutrients, mass of tissues and bones is reduced resulting in metabolic disorder.

Weight loss by means of laxatives is one of the worst ways. This leads to inflammation of intestinal walls, nutrients necessary for the normal body functioning are forcibly lost.

Since olden times, aromatherapy has been used as a weight loss way. Essential oils can eliminate a false appetite and prevent appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

Fat cells are burned when losing weight, but the skin becomes grayish. To avoid this, body scrubs are used. This helps to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the skin.

As a scrub, you can use sea salt mixed with vegetable oil and water. Rub the body in a circular motion counterclockwise. Leave this product for a while to act, and then take a contrast shower. After this, apply a nourishing cream to the clean dry body.

Clay mask will help to remove loose skin that arises after weight loss. It pulls out excess fluid from under the skin and increases elasticity of the skin cover. Clay can be mixed with warmed honey and warm milk.

The skin is tightened by wrapping. Using food film, you can easily make the following weight loss means at home:

  • cocoa powder and milk;
  • strained grapes, honey and day cream;
  • ginger and honey;
  • medicinal plants decoction, such as chamomile, sage and green tea.

After wrapping the body with a food film, cover yourself with a blanket and lie down in a calm environment for 40 minutes.

The most effective workouts

Although a more reliable and safe way to lose a few pounds is to eat less, but there is no doubt that physical exercise is a part of such plan. To become physically fit is more than just to lose weight.

Many people losing weight develop a training plan to achieve the goal based on prolonged, low-intensity training, such as walking, cycling or swimming. Such method will help to achieve the goal, but it will take a long time.

There are physical exercises that will help to achieve the optimal shape much faster. These are interval workouts of high intensity. They presuppose alternation of short periods of loads with maximum effort along with exercises of low intensity, during which the body has the opportunity to recover.

effective workouts

Advantages of interval workout:

  • less exercise in a short period;
  • achievement of quick results;
  • different muscles are developed;
  • metabolism is accelerated even after workout.

It is sufficient to conduct interval workouts 5 times a week. Each exercise should be performed within 30 seconds, then rest – 15 seconds. Measure your weight and waist circumference every week. This will allow you to control your progress.