Cookie Diet Australia


One of the most effective dietary methods developed to combat obesity is Cookie Diet. This diet to fight overweight was created in Australia. It was developed in 1975 by Dr. Sanford Siegal and almost immediately gained popularity among people with obesity.

In his reviews, Dr. Siegal, the creator of Cookie Diet says that he developed this cookie to help his patients to lose weight. In his opinion, the main reason of many diet plans that do not help to cure obesity is the feeling of hunger often occurring in people during observance of a low-calorie diet.

Cookie Diet includes such ingredients as natural proteins and fiber that contribute to rapid saturation and suppress hunger for long. Using these cookies instead of usual breakfast and lunch, the patient reduces the number of calories entering the body with food.

cookie diet packageDue to reduction of calorie intake, Cookie Diet helps to lose weight in a very short period – about 1 kg per day.

Due to this, many people comment on this diet. However, when discussing Cookie Diet, experts around the world, including Australia and the UK, were divided into two camps: “pros and cons”.

Being on Cookie Diet, the patient should refuse to use fruits and dairy products. This is due to the fact that the feeling of hunger comes faster after using these products. This may adversely affect the rate of result achievement when using Cookie Diet. Vitamins contained in these products can be replaced by multivitamins.

Side effect of Cookie Diet is that the patient can again gain weight very quickly when terminating this diet improperly. It is necessary to gradually come out of Cookie Diet, adding no more than 200 calories daily to your diet. Physical exercise is not included in this diet plan.

It was developed several Cookie Diet plans, among which the most popular are Smart For Life Diet and Hollywood Cookie Diet.

Adhering to these diets, the patient should use Cookie Diet 4 to 6 times a day instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is also possible to use cookies instead of snack to satisfy hunger.

Evening meal is a necessary part of Cookie Diet. It should consist of lean meat or fish, steamed, boiled or fried without using oil. In addition, vegetables should be consumed during evening meal. The total number of calories consumed should not exceed 1200 per day.

There is a huge number of positive reviews of ordinary people and world stars, a lot of success stories telling about successful getting rid of excess fat. This proves that Cookie Diet is not a fad diet, but effective means to combat obesity.

Recipe of this cookie is kept under very strict secrecy, so it is impossible to cook it by yourself at home.

However, there are many locations where to buy Cookie Diet in Australia. They include, for example, online stores Amazon and Сostco. Furthermore, these sites contain brief information on this product.