DASH diet Australia

DASH diet

Hypertension – is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. For example, in Australia, about 29% of population suffer from high blood pressure. Australian people most often consult general practitioners to solve this problem. Hypertension treatment should be started with a healthy diet, and then with use of medications.

One of the most effective treatment methods of high blood pressure is the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH).

DASH – is a diet characterized by reduced consumption of salt and sugar-containing products, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat and whole grain products predominate in the diet.

Although the death rate from various cardiovascular diseases decreased recently, it remains a serious problem in Australia. The main purpose of the DASH diet is to limit the sodium salt and fats in your diet to reduce blood cholesterol level. Researches of Australian scientists have proved that use of the DASH diet can help to lower blood pressure more effectively than many antihypertensive drugs.

DASH diet piramideThe researchers conducted a comparative analysis on the content of nutrients in the DASH diet for US food database and special the DASH diet developed by the Australian food database for Australians – Australian Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (OZDASH). The DASH diet for the Australian food database differs by low content of potassium, iron, energy percent from magnesium and carbohydrate. However, the DASH diet for the Australian food database included more vitamin C and calcium.

The OZDASH diet for Australia was created on the basis of the DASH diet and consists of foods, the amount of which is acceptable to all categories of population, but not only for patients with hypertension. This is insignificant difference between the DASH and the OZDASH diets.

The OZDASH diet for Australia consists of four fruits, five vegetables, seven dishes with grain crops and three products with reduced fat content. Weekly the DASH diet also includes one dish with legumes, six dishes containing meat and three dishes with fish.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend to use dairy products during the DASH diet. Dairy products are needed to control cholesterol level and blood pressure. Being on the DASH diet, it is recommended to use milk or yogurt low in fat.

  • In Australia, “The DASH diet” book is sales leader.

It is available both at bookstores and in online version. It contains detailed guidelines and recipes that will help effectively lower blood pressure and lose weight.