Dates: beneficial properties for health and weight loss


ypically, dates are very popular among sweet tooth, but those who watch their health and figure should also pay attention to them. In order to understand what useful properties dates include and why they can be safely called super food and means for many diseases, it is necessary to carefully learn their properties.

A list of useful substances of dates is too long.

Each Dates Contain

  • 15 different salts and minerals
  • 23 kinds of amino acids that are absent in most fruits.

Dates are rich in vegetable protein, as well as complex and simple carbohydrates that makes them a great source of energy. Dietary fiber and pectin help to improve function of the digestive system.

Fats and oils contained in this fruit normalize metabolism that is very handy for those who want to lose weight, but herewith cannot deny themselves in sweet. In addition, dates perfectly satisfy increased hunger. Just remember, nutritionists recommend no more than 10 pieces of dates per day. This number is enough to meet the daily requirement of the body for magnesium, copper, sulfur, a half of daily requirement for iron and a quarter – calcium.

This number is enough to meet the daily requirement of the body for magnesium, copper, sulfur, a half of daily requirement for iron and a quarter – calcium.

Dates contain up to 65% of sugar that is an absolute record among fruits. In reasonable use, they do not harm the figure; moreover, they protect the teeth from caries due to fluorine they contain.

Dates help “active mental work”

Those, for whom the phrase “active mental work” is well known, certainly will appreciate other useful properties of dates as well. This fruit is rich in amino acid tryptophan, which in combination with B vitamins (they are also found in these fruits) helps to maintain the nervous system and brain function in norm, as well as to preserve mental health, especially in elderly. Tryptophan prevents cell aging and has mild sedative and hypnotic effect.

Useful properties of dates for women deserve special attention. Pregnant women should eat them with caution. This is explained by the fact that dates promote production of hormone oxytocin by the body; this is not good for pregnant women because this can lead to premature birth. Herewith, dates facilitate the process if to eat them before contractions, as well as contribute to rapid production of breast milk and uterine contraction immediately after giving birth. In addition, dates are extremely pleasant and effective means for postpartum depression and severe PMS.

Dates are useful for women over 40

Doctors recommend all women after 40 years to include dates in their diet, numerous studies conducted by scientists from various countries prove that this fruit is able to significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

These are not all useful properties of dates. They also strengthen immune system, reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and occurrence of blood clots, help to preserve vision (that is important for those who spend in front of computer most of the day), normalize blood pressure and even suppress pain, because they contain substances similar to aspirin in their structure.