Duromine 30mg

Among many medicines developed to help people, who cannot lose weight, Duromine is rightly considered one of the most effective. This drug is prescribed for obesity treatment in combination with a diet plan and remedial gymnastics to people with a body mass index higher than or equal to 30 kg / m2.

The main therapeutic effect of Duromine is appetite suppression by acting on the hypothalamus through dopaminergic and noradrenergic systems. Duromine leads to a rapid weight loss used in conjunction with therapeutic eating plan and physical exercise.

At the beginning of obesity treatment, it is recommended to use Duromine 30mg once daily. Subsequently, more than one 30mg tablet a day can be taken, but the maximum dose of this drug should not exceed 40 mg per day. Duromine overdose may lead to occurrence of adverse events.

Among unwanted effects of Duromine, the most common are pain on chest bone, nausea, dizzy, as well as rash. However, rash can be a symptom of hypersensitivity to substances included in the drug, so immediately stop using Duromine if rash appears.

Besides the availability of allergy to one of Duromine components, the drug use is prohibited in the event if the patient has any heart problems, including arterial hypertension or arrhythmia. This is related to that secondary action of Duromine is increase of heart rate.

Use of Duromine before bedtime may cause insomnia, so this drug should be taken early in the day during breakfast. There are no specific recommendations what products can be used in conjunction with Duromine. Nevertheless, when treating obesity, it is necessary to eat normally for more effective results.

Duromine helps to eliminate the feeling of hunger. Due to which the amount of nutrients entering the body can be controlled when using healthy food. In conjunction with physical exercises, this helps to improve metabolism that leads to burning of excess fat.

Thus, in combination with therapeutic diets and exercise, Duromine effectively helps patients who still could not lose weight. Both professionals and patients treated obesity by means of this medication leave their positive reviews on Duromine.

Duromine is available for sale in many countries, especially the great demand for this drug in South Africa and Australia. The supplier of this drug at the international market is an Australian pharmaceutical company iNova. Duromine is available only by prescription of health care specialist.

This medicine is sold in the form of modified release capsules. The amount of active substance Phentermine contained in each Duromine capsule is 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. In addition to blisters with the capsules, the package contains instruction for Duromine use, as well as information about side effects and how to stop them.