Duromine vs Phen375

Duromine is a trademark of the most popular drug Phentermine for weight loss. Anti-obesity drugs, containing Phentermine are sold under dozens of different trade names. However, this drug for the obesity treatment is available for retail sale under the trade name Duromine only in NZ, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Oral capsules Duromine are produced by a pharmaceutical company called iNova Pharmaceuticals. After using Duromine capsules, weight decreases because they suppress appetite.

Patient, taking Duromine capsules feels saturation even when consuming a minimum amount of food. Correspondingly, less calories are needed for a person taking Duromine to feel satiety, but the restriction of daily diet contributes to rapid reduction of excess body weight.

Despite the fact Duromine effectively suppresses appetite, it is necessary to observe a low-calorie diet and to perform daily physical exercises for more rapid achievement of the desired result.
Uniqueness of Duromine capsules is that they contain ion-exchange resin complex, which provides a gradual release of Phentermine in the GIT.

So, taking just one Duromine capsule in the morning, a person does not experience a painful feeling of hunger throughout the whole day.

Duromine side effects

DuromineThe molecular formula of Phentermine is similar to the molecular formula of amphetamines.

There are various prescription amphetamine drugs, used to treat: morbid obesity; attention deficit disorder (ADHD); narcolepsy and severe depression.

Like any other amphetamine, Duromine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), thereby increasing the risk of CNS side effects (including drug dependence).

To prevent the development of severe CNS side effects, one should stop taking Duromine pills gradually.

Besides CNS side effects, Duromine pills may cause unwanted side effects, such as: hypertension; dry mouth and diarrhea. If side effects are severely pronounced, obese patients may be recommended to reduce Duromine daily dose.

Alternative to Duromine

Given that a person taking Duromine capsules may experience severe side effects, he can be prescribed alternative anti-obesity drugs.

An alternative to Duromine capsules can be Phen375 pills that help a person effectively fight obesity without causing drug dependence. Phen375 is an over-the-counter medicine, which contains only herbal remedies, possessing not only a moderate anorectic effect but also the property to burn fats.

What is Phen 375?

Phen 375 is a new weight loss product available for sale without a prescription. The therapeutic effect of Phen375 is to suppress appetite, to accelerate metabolism, to burn fat tissue, and to prevent re-accumulation of fat tissue in the body.

Phen375 efficiency

To increase fat metabolism, which is stimulated by herbal medicine Phen375, it is recommended to increase the amount of consumed fluid. It is recommended to drink a glass of water (not carbonated or sweet) every hour.

To improve metabolism, a person taking Phen375 is recommended to reduce the interval between food intakes.

People, regularly taking Phen375 pills are advised to consume small food portions 5-6 times a day.

Taking Phen375 pills, drinking a large amount of water, and consuming small food portions, one can increase the metabolic rate, the rate of fat burning, and the rate of weight loss as well.
Phen375 efficiency can also be increased if to observe a hypocaloric diet when using it.

Because the nutritional therapy is one of the most effective methods to cope with obesity. Given that Phen375 pills reduce appetite, a person can easily reduce his daily diet without any psychoemotional discomfort.

Do not use alcohol when taking Phen375 pills for weight loss. Affecting the liver, alcohol slows the metabolism and consequently the body’s ability to burn fat is slowed down.

Thus, the combined use of appetite suppressant pills Phen375 together with the dietary restrictions helps to reduce body weight faster.

After the discontinuation of Phen375 pills, the adherence to a low-calorie diet will help not only to maintain the achieved result but also to prevent re-increase of adipose tissue in the body.

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