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Duromine – is an anti-obesity prescription drug prescribed when the patient is unable to cope with overweight and needs extra help. Duromine is recommended for adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older.

Boost your weight loss with Duromine, one of the most popular anti-obesity drugs in Australia.

Duromine manufacturer. Dosage.

The manufacturer of Duromine is an Australian company iNova. This pharmaceutical company manufactures and supplies a wide range of over the counter and prescription medicines in Australia, South Africa, the America and Asia Pacific.

Since 2011, iNova is a part of Valeant, a decentralized pharmaceutical company with international headquarters in Canada. Pay attention to the fact that iNova is a right holder of Duromine. This weight loss drug meets all requirements of modern anti-obesity drugs by quality and safety of use.

Genuine iNova Duromine comes in capsules in three dosages. For ease of use, each capsule dosage corresponds to its original color and its identification mark:

  • Duromine 15mg – grey and green and marked DUROMINE 15
  • Duromine 30mg – grey and reddish brown and marked DUROMINE 30
  • Duromine 40mg – grey and orange and marked DUROMINE 40

Each Duromine capsule may contain 15, 30 or 40mg of anorectic agent Phentermine, which has an ability to suppress appetite for a long time and to blunt hunger. Uniqueness of Duromine lies in its special formula of active ingredient phentermine combined with a resin complex.

Due to this, a controlled release of phentermine is provided, so the effect of Duromine lasts all day. Just 1 Duromine capsule a day will help you to fight off hunger and curb your appetite.

How Duromine works?

The main goal of Duromine is to suppress the person’s appetite and to help the body to use fat deposits as a main energy source. Thanks to active component phentermine, Duromine decreases your appetite and suppresses cravings for sweets.

Studies have shown that phentermine stimulates the brain neurons, resulting in increased level of catecholamines. It is believed that high level of catecholamines inhibits appetite and hunger signals to the brain.

The net result is that the person can go without food for a long time, and the body begins to use fat deposits as an energy source. Thus, fat deposits decrease and the person loses weight.

  • If you are dissatisfied with your reflection in the mirror
  • If overweight prevents you from enjoying the life
  • If you are fed up to “wear” on yourself extra kilos

Start to act right now! Choose Duromine and you will be able to control your appetite and to get real results! It worked for thousands of Australians and it can work for you too!


How to take Duromine?

Take 1 Duromine capsule in the morning during breakfast. Try to take Duromine at the same time of the day and do not take it in the afternoon. Late intake may cause sleep disturbances and keep you awake at night.

If you take Duromine for the first time and you do not know how your body tolerates this anti-obesity drug, then you should start treatment course with the recommended starting dose – 30 mg per day. For some large framed individuals, the starting dose of Duromine makes 40 mg per day.

The maintenance dose of Duromine may vary from 15 to 40 mg per day. It should be noted that obesity treatment could be carried out in the following ways:

  • continuous (no more than 12 consecutive weeks)
  • intermittent (3-6 consecutive weeks with a 2-week break)

Since Duromine provides a powerful anorectic effect and affects the central nervous system, the duration of obesity treatment with this appetite suppressant should be as short as possible.

Depending on your physical condition, the drug tolerability and the result obtained, a course of obesity treatment can last from three to six weeks. The maximum duration of treatment should not exceed 12 weeks.

If to stick to the recommended doses of this appetite suppressant, weight loss will take place quickly and efficiently. Duromine will help you to grow thin fast and will force the kilos melt away.

How to increase Duromine effectiveness?

Duromine will suppress your appetite and force your body to use stored body fat for energy, which in turn will help you to lose weight fast. To help your body more efficiently use the stored fat, it is recommended to move more and to watch the calories of food consumed.

It is quite possible that you do not want to engage in physical exercises in fitness center. In this case, they can be replaced by walking, running or swimming.

As shown by recent studies, although an increase in physical activity does not help to reduce body weight by itself in obese patients, however exercise is very important to maintain the achieved weight for a long time.

By increasing energy expenditures that occur during physical activity, the person is able to prevent weight regain and maintain muscle tone.

Herewith, caloric content of food consumed is of great importance. The food should be balanced and herewith without excessive amounts of fat.

Change your eating habits. Remove fatty, sugary and fast food, as well as sweetened drinks from the diet. Replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and start to live a healthy lifestyle.

Duromine will provide a balance between the feeling of hunger and satiety; will help to overcome your personal barriers to losing weight. Do no waste your time, start now to build your new perfect body with Duromine.