If you are not in the best shape and want to quickly get the body of your dream, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using a powerful appetite suppressant Ionamin to fight obesity.

Using Ionamin, you will get better results in less time. Even if you have neglected the struggle against obesity for years, Ionamin will help you control your appetite, and your body weight will start to rapidly decline by reducing calorie intake.

Do not allow your body to accumulate excess weight and start to make efforts for fat burning as quickly as possible.

Time Is On Your Side!

The sooner you will start using appetite suppressant Ionamin, the faster you will learn to control your appetite and more confidently to give up frequent snacking.

The mechanism of Ionamin action has the same mechanism of action as other appetite suppressants that contain powerful anorectic agent Phentermine. Ionamin stimulates the central nervous system, affects the brain parts that regulate appetite, and thus forces you to give up consuming large portions of high-calorie foods.



If you want to curb your appetite and effectively control hunger, you can be recommended:

  • the minimum dose of Ionamin 15mg
  • the maximum dose of Ionamin 30mg

Within 24 hours, use no more than one dose of Ionamin 30mg. Herewith, try to take diet pills early in the day and avoid using them before bedtime.

Prescription and over-the-counter appetite suppressants that affect the central nervous system may cause insomnia. Therefore, to prevent sleep problems and to maintain a normal level of activity during the day, do not use Ionamin in the evening even if you feel hungry at night.


Ionamin – is very popular, but not the only pills that contain Phentermine in the form of ion exchange resins. For example, in Australia, these diet pills are sold under the brand Duromine, but in Europe – they are known under the trade name Adipex Retard.

Ionamin pills have the similar list of indications and contraindications as other Phentermine-containing drugs. Therefore, you can use them in lieu of any other diet pills produced on the basis of Phentermine.

Side Effects

This resin provides a slow and sustained release of active ingredient Phentermine, and thus increases the duration of Ionamin effect.

Amberlite resin does not cause clinically significant side effects. Therefore, Ionamin may cause the same undesirable reactions as diet pills that contain active ingredient Phentermine in the form of hydrochloride salts (including Adipex-P).


Expert-approved diet pills were developed at the end of the 50s of the last century. For many decades, Ionamin pills have occupied leading positions at the pharmaceutical markets of the USA, Canada, and UK.

Along with increased competition between manufacturers of powerful appetite suppressants, level of Ionamin sales was gradually decreased. However, half a century after the start of Ionamin retail sales, this drug is still very popular among potential consumers of prescription weight loss products.

In the middle of the last century, an undeniable competitive advantage of Ionamin lied in innovative production technology. Ionamin was one of the first anti-obesity drugs, which included pharmaceutical resin Amberlite.

Physical Activity

The human body is a remarkably adaptable to changes in eating behavior; it starts to use fat deposits as an additional energy source in response to the reduction of calorie intake.

In order to help your body to burn fat deposits faster, increase level of your physical activity and daily devote at least 30 minutes to physical activity.

Being physically active, you can rid yourself of excess weight at a much faster rate. Therefore, choosing an active lifestyle, you choose a more successful way to combat obesity and overweight.

Finally, there is something you can do to lose weight more easily
By using Ionamin or any other diet pills, keep track of your progress of the body transformation, periodically weigh yourself, measure your body mass index, and enjoy the results.

In order to weighing results please you even more, take a photo before the start of fighting obesity, and then take photos at different stages of weight loss.

Observing a successful result, you will get an extra stimulus to maximize your efforts and will start to lose weight even faster.

Ionamin benefits

  • Prolonged anorectic effect
  • Rapid achievement of a reasonable weight loss goal
  • Approved and Recommended by the FDA (U.S.)