Liposonix: a step towards a perfect body

Liposonix machine

Reducing the volume of the body and “tightening” the skin at the same time? It is possible with the new American machine Liposonix!

It seems that you don’t have any excessive weight, according to your bathroom scales, but looking at yourself in the mirror “in full height” gives pleasure below average… What’s the matter?

It’s all about them, these plump folds on the sides that your favorite jersey dress shows off, and in this unsympathetic “roll” on the abdomen, which appeared after you gave birth, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and a couple of extra centimeters on the hips – they are also here to stay – no exercise and fitness equipment are capable of fighting them.

Or may be there is a way, how you may get rid of these?

Even women, who generally do not suffer from excessive weight, certainly have some body parts that they want to adjust in one way or another. Yet, this should happen without victims, scalpel and other piercing and cutting items, that the plastic surgeons are so fond of. Here’s the great news: today, you can have it, and even quite easy.

What to do?

Reducing the volume of the body in precisely those places, where it is required, at the same time making your skin more elastic and young – “Liposoniks” machine can do these. It is a new development of the American company SOLTA MEDICAL. This device acts on fat cells through focused ultrasound of a certain frequency – 2 MHz.

American scientists have found out and proved that the focused ultrasound waves are capable of easily penetrate deep inside, bypassing the skin, and destroy the cells of adipose tissue in the area treated. This volume reducing technology is patented, approved for massive use by the FDA (which takes thorough care of the public health preservation), and has already gained popularity in many countries around the world.

The action of “two in one”

Focused ultrasound with 2 kHz frequency penetrates to a depth of 1.3 cm and are destroys the cells at this depth of subcutaneous fat. The fat cells are destroyed, as if melting, under a short-term exposure to the temperature of 56 degrees.

Along with the fat cells destruction, short heating in the deep layers of the skin activates the process of own collagen production, the quantity and quality of which affects the skin condition. Own “young” collagen makes the skin in the affected area thick, firm and supple. It is obvious even with the naked eye.

About the results

Of course, many women want to get “decreased” in volumes and tighten the skin instantly. Yet, Liposonix machine is a highly intelligent development, and it works not for speed, but for a safe and long-lasting result.

The best result – minus one size (it’s minus 5 centimeters) – shows in an average of 8-12 weeks after Liposonix procedure.

During this time, the body calmly, naturally, without stress utilizes and displays melted under the influence of focused ultrasound fat cells, and the skin adapts to the new body shape, staying smooth and young.

It is important that just one Liposonix treatment is enough for achieving such a truly enviable success!

  • One size = 5 centimeters

Briefly about important things

At what age may I go through the procedure on Liposonix machine?

Almost at any age, starting from 18 years and up to infinity.

Are there any contraindications for Liposonix procedures?

Contraindications include only the thickness of the fat folds in the affected area of at least 2.5 cm (if you hold the fold between your fingers). This requirement is explained by the fact that such minimum thickness allows making only the adipose tissue to be targeted by the focused ultrasound.

Is there a possibility that Liposonix effect will differ from the expected one?

Excluded. Procedure on Liposonix machine is the only today, the results of which are always predictable with preciseness.

How long does Liposonix result last?

According to research on Liposonix reviews, the results from the procedure last for a very very long time, if you revise your eating habits and reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates.