About new ways to fight cellulite

fight cellulite

Seems that the season of mini skirts and swimsuits is far away, but it always arrives in a blink of an eye. We never should wait for the last two months before it to get into action and improve our body. If you, however, decided to “get into business” just a couple of months before the beach season, do not despair. You still have sufficient time to get rid of the extra kilos and cellulite.

If the scales indicator shows a couple of kilograms more than we would like it show, it’s time to ask questions:

  1. Do I eat right?
  2. Do I take proper care of my body?
  3. Do I move enough?

Cellulite forms in the upper layer of subcutaneous fat. Excess fat is formed in deeper layers. Therefore, there are tools with anti-cellulite and modeling properties. They solve problems at different levels.

Modern creams have a complex effect, but if your goal is to lose weight, choose a modeling product. Their composition is a lot richer in such substances, as:

  • caffeine,
  • extracts of ivy,
  • mangosteen,
  • coleus (for the splitting of fats),
  • peptides,
  • amino acids (for the prevention of stretch marks).

Apply them with intense circular movements from the bottom up. For a better penetration of the components, work through the problem areas with a massager. Modeling creams:

  • accelerate the fats splitting process,
  • provide a drainage effect,
  • tone the skin,
  • do NOT cancel exercises.

It is important to eat right and exercise regularly:

  1. Workout in the gym three or five times a week.
  2. Eat often (five to six times a day) and small portions of food.

Split meals eating system activates the metabolism, and our body spends more calories. The serving volume should be approximately 250 grams. Make sure that your menu includes foods that are truly high in fiber, like:

  • beans,
  • vegetables,
  • fruits,
  • cereals.

Keep in mind that hot and spicy dishes kindle appetite. To avoid overeating, drink a glass of still water half an hour before eating.

Losing weight is often accompanied by loss of skin elasticity. To avoid this, apply tonics with a lifting effect. Every other day, do seaweed wraps at home, parallel to the trainings.



Getting rid of the “orange peel” requires not only a correct choice of care product, but also the rejection of bad habits.

According to statistics, eight out of ten women have cellulite. At that, it can be present in both stout and slim women. The reasons for its occurrence are multiple:

  • heredity,
  • metabolic,
  • hormonal failure,
  • poorlymphatic flow,
  • stress,
  • wrong birth control pill.

horse chestnut

Apply them daily in circular motions from bottom to top.

Please note that anti-cellulite products come with a cooling and heating effect. All of them improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, yet work in different ways.

  • The cooling-effect variety contains menthol.Such products cool the skin locally and increase the blood flow to the problem areas. As a result, metabolic processes are accelerated and fats are quickly broken down. Such products tone the skin and blood vessels.
  • The thermal-effect variety contains pepper extracts and They dilate blood vessels and quickly remove adipose tissue and toxins from the adipose tissue, due to which the edema subsides and the skin surface is smoothed.

Warming agents are contraindicated in:

  • cardiovascular pathologies,
  • varicose veins,
  • leg edema.

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that too skinny jeans, high heels, alcohol, smoking and poor posture detrimentally affect your blood vessels and promote cellulite.


Body Forming – a combination of simple fitness exercises with electromyostimulation (EMS) – the low-frequency current muscle stimulation, which causes their increased contraction. Stop panicking – it’s absolutely painless. You only feel the vibration, the intensity of which is regulated by the instructor on different parts of the body.

EMS allows working through about twenty groups of muscles at the same time, even those that are hard to reach, with minimal load on the joints. Before the first session, you will be asked to have a machine diagnosis to:

  1. determine the ratio of bone, muscle and fat mass,
  2. be provided with recommendations on nutrition.

Based on the results, specialists develop an individual training program. Sessions always consist of three parts:

  1. warm-up,
  2. basic training,
  3. relaxinglymphatic drainage

Body Forming

It only lasts thirty-five minutes, and is comparable in intensity with four hours of training in the gym. Therefore, Body Forming is called “fitness for lazy”, and it suits really well young mothers and people who do not have free time for full trainings.

IMPORTANT! In ten minutes on EMS, the blood supply to the muscles increases by 45%. This means that the lymphatic drainage goes in a more active way and body detoxification takes place.

You do not need to wear a uniform with you. On the spot, you will be given an individual cotton suit, and on top you will wear a special suit, equipped with electrodes. To lose weight and get rid of cellulite, you will need to exercise three times a week for one to three months, and then maintain the result by weekly trainings and proper nutrition.


The effects that the machine Vip Lipo Line Duo provides are called non-surgical liposuction. In one session, you can lose up to two centimeters in volume, and in a course of ten sessions (two or three times a week) – you can lose two sizes. The miracle is explained simply: due to ultrasonic waves:

  • muscles come into tone,
  • fat cells are destroyed,
  • their remains are removed from the body on a natural way.



During the treatment, the master massages your body with a hand piece, which is equipped with sixty silicone spheres. They rotate and the speed exceeds. Along with the compression micro-vibration, the machine causes a powerful lymphatic drainage effect, which:

  • improves microcirculation,
  • activateslipolysis,
  • makes vessels do “morning gymnastics”,
  • helps make body contours more defined,
  • smoothens the skin surface



The combination of salt peeling, bandage wrap with a cocktail of caffeine, extracts of algae and aloe vera and lymphatic drainage massage accelerates lipolysis and displays excess fluid from the body tissues. To completely get rid of cellulite in the initial stage, a course of ten procedures is recommended with a frequency of twice a week.



LPG is a long-established method of mechanical stimulation of the skin and subcutaneous fat layer through a vacuum maniple-roller. For the duration of the procedure, you will wear a special overall that provides the best contact of the device with the body.

The intensity is regulated individually. As a result:

  • subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner,
  • cellulite smoothens out,
  • blood circulation improves,
  • detoxification

Cosmetologists say that the effect of one LPG-massage session is comparable with a ten-kilometer run. To achieve visible results, a course of ten to fifteen procedures, two per week, will be required.



The specialist does not give you a massage in the usual sense of this word. He rattles your body with bamboo sticks of different diameters. This technique allows solving not only the problem of lymphatic drainage, but also osteopathy. Sensations can be painful, yet the skin and muscles come in tone, and the cellulite becomes less noticeable after in just one session.



To maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, act wisely.

With a dramatic weight loss, skin seriously loses its elasticity. Therefore, it is important to lose weight gradually, not more than by one kilogram per week. During the diet, it is important to use nourishing creams with lifting effect. If the skin still lost its elasticity (for example, after childbirth), follow three important rules.

Work out on a regular basis. At least, do the exercises in the morning, to improve blood circulation.

Add to your  menu products rich in vitamins A and E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The list of such foods includes:

  • tomatoes,
  • spinach,
  • eggs,
  • nuts,
  • fish.

Instead of body moisturizing products, use the ones that provide toning effect and contain the extracts of rosemary, geranium and mint.

Do not forget to use a scrub two or three times a week to speed up cell renewal. Choose those that are oil-based: they accelerate the regeneration of cells and moisturize the skin.

Work out on a regular basis


  • If you love body oils, apply them to damp skin, after warming them up in the palms of your hands.Any strong emotions cause the release of adrenaline into the blood, you begin feeling hunger, fat cells actively absorb glucose – cellulite grows and spreads. Besides, our skin dries and loses its elasticity because of stress. Do your best to eliminate all stress factors and take good care of your body on a regular basis, if you want to always be ready for the beach season.