Phen375 and other OTC medications

Inhabitants of Australia have the possibility to buy OTC weight loss medications not only at pharmacies but also online. If you want to buy weight loss tablets or capsules at low price, choose companies that are both manufacturers and distributors of weight loss products.

By buying OTC weight loss medications directly from the manufacturer, you:

  • Only pay for its real price
  • Get guarantees of its efficacy and safety

Australians can buy OTC medications both from Australian and from U.S. manufacturers of weight loss products. RDC Global company takes leading positions at the U.S. market of weight loss medications. This company manufactures several OTC weight loss products; the most effective among them is Phen375.

Phen375 weight loss tablets have obvious advantages over other OTC medications. Since, Phen375 includes eight powerful active ingredients that help to reduce weight regardless of obesity severity.

One of the main Phen375 ingredients is a natural fat burner L-Carnitine. The uniqueness of this amino acid is that the higher the level of physical activity, the more intense L-Carnitine breaks down fat cells.

OTC medications containing L-Carnitine are sold in Australia under dozens of trade names, including LadyBird L-Carnitine, Fat Mobiliser + Carnitine, Balance Liquid Carnitine.

Apart from L-Carnitine, Phen375 tablets contain a natural appetite suppressant caffeine. This active ingredient does not only reduce appetite, but also provides extra energy necessary for physical activity.

OTC products containing caffeine are sold in Australia under trade names: Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Berocca Boost, Gold Cross Caffeine and others

To improve metabolism, Phen375 tablets include Citrus Aurantium (extract). Due to this active ingredient, Phen375 tablets do not just help to lose weight, but also prevent to regain weight.

In Australia, dozens of weight loss products containing Citrus Aurantium are available, including Accelerator, Bee Slim, and Appatrol.

By choosing Phen375 for weight loss, you do not have to experiment and spend your money on buying different weight loss products. Since, a unique combination of active ingredients of Phen375 tablets provides a rapid weight loss even in low level of physical activity.

Phen375 tablets contain active ingredients approved for sale in Australia without a prescription. Thus, to buy Phen375 online in Australia, there is no need to fill out a medical questionnaire and answer the pharmacist questions.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that potential buyers of Phen375 tablets have the opportunity to get an expert advice. Before buying Phen375 tablets in Australia, you can ask all questions you have at any time you want.