Sports for the lazy

Sports for the lazy

No time for fitness? You keep buying gym membership, and the laziness always wins? No problem. We know how you can bring your figure in order without lifting weights.

“I’m lazy by nature, and going to a stretch or a gym somewhere is like madness for me, because it means wasting a lot of precious time, which can be devoted to creation and loved ones.”

“Therefore, when attempts to force myself into buying a gym membership end in favor of the soft sofa, I resort to my proven means.”

Let us present a guide for the lazy: five ways to maintain a good body shape.

Exercising In The Bathroom

EXERCISING IN THE BATHROOMWhen I brush my teeth, which takes about 5-7 minutes, I add one more useful habit to this one. Every morning and evening, going to the bath to wash and brush my teeth,

  • I lift my right foot back to the maximum and hold it while I brush the upper teeth row.
  • I switch to the bottom row and change my legs.

*It is a great way to tone up the buttocks and develop flexibility.

Attention To Posture

ATTENTION TO POSTUREA straight healthy back guarantees:

  • sound sleep,
  • good memory work,
  • no headaches,
  • attention from the opposite sex.

Every time, while walking along the street, working, or sitting in a cafe, control your shoulders and do not slouch. Keep your legs straight, not crossed under the table. The cross-legged position is very damaging for your back and contributes to a fast development of the spine curvature and scoliosis.

Watch the movies of the 50’s, when women’s posture was the real standard of beauty. So let’s get back this beautiful tradition.

Stairs Is Our Assistant

Walk more, especially up and down the stairs. The main thing is to do it correctly. When going up, step on the heel, and not the toe. If you put the pressure on the heel when going up, the entire load transfers to the back muscles of the legs and thighs, while the pressure on the toe while stepping increases the load on the knees and calves.

This causes unpleasant pain when walking and complications that result in surgical interventions.

Building Chest Muscles

How to build pectoral muscles, considering the fact that women are not fond of push ups? Everything is very simple. We put two palms at the chest level, as if praying, and begin to actively push the lower parts of the palms against each other.

You can immediately feel the tension. And you do not need any special room or equipment. You can perform this exercise at any time, even while going up or down in an elevator. Reach 50 approaches a day and you will notice positive changes very soon.

Mop As An Exercising Machine

Once I managed to lose 2 kilos only by doing housework. And why not combine two necessary habits? Strain your biceps while doing the dishes. Are you washing the floor with your knees bent? Use this and do not forget to squeeze the muscles of your hips, buttocks and the abs as you move the mop.