Xenical & Reductil

Obesity is one of the most common problems in the modern world. Overweight is considered not only as a problem of appearance, but also as a serious disease that may cause additional health problems. New methods of obesity treatment are constantly developed. The most popular anti-obesity drugs are Xenical & Reductil.

Reductil – is an anorectic, the effect of which is to suppress the feeling of hunger, thereby it helps to treat obesity. In combination with diet therapy and physical exercises, appetite suppressant increases energy consumption.

Xenical – is a lipase inhibitor, it prevents absorption of fats, which enter the body with food, thus preventing accumulation of calories. Just as Reductil, Xenical is used in combination with reduced-calorie diet and physical activity. For treating obesity, Xenical & Reductil can be used as alone, so and in combination therapy.

Effectiveness of Xenical & Reductil combination use to get rid of extra kilos has been evaluated in several studies. Within three months, obese patients were given a combination of Xenical & Reductil drugs (Xenical 120 mg three times a day with Reductil 10 mg once a day).

Three months after using Xenical alone, obese patients managed to lose on the average five kilograms. For the same period of Reductil use, patients lost on the average six kilograms. The combined use of Xenical and Reductil helps obese patients to lose up to ten kilograms in 12 weeks.

Besides anorectic effect, combined use of Xenical & Reductil decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. During clinical trials, all patients reported about decrease in the amount of food consumed and lack of problems when observing the diet.

Blood pressure was normalized after use of combination therapy of Xenical & Reductil for weight loss in some patients with high blood pressure. This effect arose after compliance with the daily diet, weight loss and increase in physical activity.

During combined use of Xenical & Reductil, side effects from the gastrointestinal tract were mainly observed (including accidental bowel leakage, increased defecation or oily evacuation) and were caused by Xenical. However, all these side effects were mild and reversible.

In simultaneous use of Xenical & Reductil, level of hormones in the body has changed in patients with obesity. Decrease in hormone level responsible for menstrual cycle was observed in women after use of the combination therapy. This led to the normalization of menstruation cycle among women who had spanomenorrhea before using anorectics.

Increase in testosterone level was also observed during using Xenical & Reductil. Increase in protein level, which is responsible for testosterone concentration in the body was also observed. A significant difference in estradiol concentration during use of the combination therapy of Xenical & Reductil was not observed.

Thus, use of the combination therapy of Xenical & Reductil does not only lead to body weight reduction, but also positively affects female reproductive system and contributes to the normalization of blood pressure in patients with hypertension. In the combined use of Xenical & Reductil, weight loss is more intense than in monotherapy of each of them alone.